Work with Me

I'm available as a software consultant to help you develop faster sustainably. At the beginning of a project, I help you identify the things to get right to minimize the chances of blockers in the evolution of your product, and to keep the codebase a joy to work on. We'll explore hard problems you're solving, talk about engineering culture, techniques that make work easier to distribute and how to create understanding and foster collaboration across different teams. For existing products, I help you to identify blockers to keep you from growing as fast as you could, and solve complex problems you might be facing.

While I love writing code, the code I write normally serves as a base for others to work upon, showing how to solve particular problems, creating a skeleton that allows work to be easily distributed or showing certain patterns we'll be using during furher development. However, full-time coding roles are not the best way to work with me.

Over the last years as CTO of WorldBrain I've helped to build Memex in such a way that with a 2-developer team we were able to

  1. launch an elegant, simple and privacy-focused multi-client database sync mechanism
  2. transition the whole product from local-first to cloud-based in a very short time-frame
  3. transition a big chunk of business logic from the browser extension to the mobile app
  4. develop forward-thinking development workflows that allowed easy outsourcing of styling work and reduce daily iteration times.

Also, I've been working on a technology that allows

  1. engineers to build design systems and complete UIs shared across different products and teams using different technologies
  2. designers to directly edit the end product through a visual editor, saving them the onboarding costs to different frameworks and development styles.
  3. easily trial and implement best practices like design tokens with custom checks, allowing for automatic detection and fixing of best practice deviation across the entire design system

Does it sound like I could be useful to you? Let's start talking at!